Obama Admits He Was Not Born In Hawaii

At the Al Smith dinner last night, Democratic candidate for President Barack Obama admitted that, as some critics contend, he was not born in Hawaii:

In fact, not only does this news indicate that he’s not an American citizen, I’m pretty sure it means that he’s an illegal immigrant, too.


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Alex Knapp
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  1. Floyd says:

    Quick get the RED kryptonite!
    We all know the real Superman is obviously a Republican. Here we see him about seek revenge for Barack’s attempted Identity theft….


  2. Floyd says:

    Kryptonian criminals exposed to red kryptonite are all affected differently such as….
    being turned into a dragon, a non-powered giant, a dwarf, an ant-headed humanoid, a lunatic, and an amnesiac; being made unable to see anything colored green; growing incredibly long hair, nails, and beard[6]; being rendered totally powerless; growing fat; gaining the ability to read thoughts; growing a third eye in the back of his head; losing his invulnerability along the left side of his body; being split into an evil and good forms; being split into young and old forms, being rendered unable to speak or write anything but Kryptonese; growing an extra set of arms; becoming clumsy; swapping bodies with the person nearest him upon exposure to it; transferring his powers; rapidly aging; multiple personality changes; and having his skin rendered transparent, overloading him with solar power.
    It looks like someone close to him, has some already??

  3. anjin-san says:

    Hey! A straw for bitsy to grasp…

    So who is McCain? Gen. Zod?

  4. suedenim says:

    Bad news, though – Red Kryptonite’s effects only last for 48 hours, and are totally unpredictable. Might be worth a shot pulling it on him two days before the election, see what happens….