Occupy Boston Decides It Should Occupy The Israeli Consulate

For some reason, a contingent of people from Occupy Boston decided that the 1% were all hanging out at the Israeli consulate:

Ira Stoll comments:

I can already hear the Occupy Boston people saying the small splinter group that went to the Israeli consulate building doesn’t represent all of Occupy Boston, and the Occupy Wall Street people saying that Occupy Boston doesn’t represent all of the Occupy movement, and the anti-Israel protesters saying they aren’t anti-Semites, they are just anti-Zionist or critical of the policies of the current Israeli government. And some of the rest of them saying that the anti-Israel protesters don’t represent all of Occupy any more than Patrick Buchanan represents the entire Republican Party. But at a certain point, one has to wonder why these people are protesting Israel and not some far more abusive government like that of China, Iran, or Syria. I can already hear them saying that America doesn’t give billions a year in aid to China, Iran, or Syria.

Still, the whole event illustrates the way the Occupy movement has become a forum for people to air whatever pre-existing grievance or agenda they have, even if it has nothing to do with Wall Street. And how readily a protest against bankers can elide into one against the Jewish state.

I suppose that’s what happens when you have a leaderless “movement” that has no real ideas about policy, but plenty of drums.

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  1. The Colourfield says:

    “I suppose that’s what happens when you have a leaderless “movement” that has no real ideas about policy, ”

    Kind of like Libertariansim

  2. dont be fooled says:

    Occupy Boston is offcially hosting Norm FInklestein in their Howard Zinn University..he is not coming as an economic speaker but to eshew his repugnant anti-holocaust anti israel rherotic…so it does seem that Occupy Boston is not focused on Wall st as they claim to be and has another agenda … let’s boycott occupy boston

  3. Lomax says:

    Leave Israel alone. This is some sort of extremist propaganda that will discredit any credit that OWS has left. While this may be a just few lunatics, if people like this are allowed to define the argument, OWS if finished. Such happens when there is no leadership, discipline, or plan.

    “Failure to plan is a plan to fail”