Odd POTUS Candidates from the Past

From NPR: The 5 Most Unusual Nominees For President. Ever.

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  1. If you include nomination fights I would have to suggest Estes Kefauver’s bid for the Democratic nomination in which he campaigned in a coon-skin cap by dogsled. Or the shear weirdness of Strom Thurmond’s selection as the Democratic Party’s official nominee in the states that he carried as his fellow party member Truman was reelected President. These are not quite as weird as those mentioned, but they are more conventionally weird in that they dealt with one of the two major parties.

  2. Kylopod says:

    He may not be the most unusual presidential candidate (and he didn’t get the nomination of any party), but Mike Gravel’s bid in the 2008 election led to what has got be the weirdest political ad ever: