Off to Jamaica

Kim and I are winging our way to Jamaica for a short vacation. We’ll be back Monday evening.

We’re at a different resort (San Suici) this time but I doubt there will be in-room Internet access and trying to blog from the business center is hardly worth the effort, especially with a beach and all-inclusive adult beverages beckoning. So, expect little to no new material from me until Tuesday morning. (The Beltway Traffic Jams for today and Monday have been pre-posted, however, so promote away.)

My cohorts will still be around, though, and might post a few morsels for your consumption. Otherwise, check out the blogroll and the Bloglines feed.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Safe trip….take it easy on sun exposure! Damn, I’m jealous.

  2. floyd says:


  3. smantix says:

    After my Jamaican excursion, tell you first bartender how much you hate Castro. See how that goes over. He donated them a fraction of what Americans spend going there per year for hurricane relief several decades ago. Gotta have priorities.

    However, unlike me, discover whether or not you hate Reggae music before you go. Unfortunately, I discovered that after my first two hours in Negril.