Offensive Launched to Retake Parts of Mosul

U.S., Iraqi Troops Launch Offensive to Retake Parts of Mosul From Insurgents (AP)

Mosul’s five bridges were closed to start the operation and American forces began securing police stations in the western part of Iraq’s third-largest city, said Capt. Angela Bowman, with Task Force Olympia.

“We are in the process of securing all of police stations and returning the police to these stations to put in place a strong police presence,” she said. “Some of those stations are in neighborhoods on the western side of the city where there has been insurgent activity and presence. We are now moving through the neighborhood.”

…and reports of the presence of al-Zarqawi.

In a speech found Monday on the Internet, a speaker said to be Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the country’s most feared terror leader, called on his followers to “shower” the Americans “with rockets and mortars” because U.S. forces were spread too thin as they seek to “finish off Islam in Fallujah.

Though an internet speech would probably not give much clue as to his whereabouts.

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