ON BLOOD AND OIL: Ken Adelman’s NY Post column addresses the “No Blood for Oil” nonsense. The heart of his argument:

It is remarkable how Iraq’s huge oil reserves – second largest in the world – prove two key points.

First, just how desperately Saddam clings to his nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs. His refusal to scrap them 12 years ago, as he pledged, cost Iraq more than $100 billion in lost oil revenue, perhaps as much as $200 billion. That’s a lot to forgo for a WMD arsenal. But it’s WMD that Saddam values most. No price his people pay is too high for his personal ambitions.

Second, Iraq’s having gobs of oil shows how principled America and England are. For unlike the French and Russians, our leaders – both Republican and Democratic, Labour and Conservative – have willingly sacrificed acquiring cheaper oil to force Saddam’s scrapping his WMD arsenal.

Indeed. (via RCP)

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