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A blogging Black Hawk pilot asks “are these reporters in the now-infamous MSM really that determined to see us fail in Iraq?”

His answer comes by way of an email from NBC “award winning” reporter, John Hockenberry.

2Slick baby,

Sorry, never would have expected an officer to speak so ignorantly. I’ve been in Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel. Jordan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, and Pakistan. As for being ignorant of the military, ouch, wrong about that one too. I have two relatives buried at Arlington. But hey, making blanket statements about people seems to be a real talent over there at DOD. At least you know the difference between a real threat to our nation and a bogus half dead dictator (who was once on the CIA payroll). I feel better already knowing you are out there on the front lines delirious with self righteousness. Hey, you can call me a liar but I can’t compete with you guys… you’re professional grade. Hope your next promotion doesn’t take too long I’m really looking forward to paying you more money to protect me and my family so well. Thanks again 2Slick (the officer who is apparently embarrassed to reveal his rank)

John Hockenberry (NBC Universal)

With an attention to detail befitting his profession, Hockenberry had missed the letters CPT in front of his nick.

CPT 2Slick ;

I ask you- whose side are these people on? I’m on my second tour in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and I won’t even pretend to know the answer. But I don’t like what I’m seeing.

via Politburo Dictat and crossposted to small dead animals

White Flag Update – Hockenberry extends an olive branch. And 2Slick marvels at the power of the blogosphere.

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  1. Anjin-San says:

    Whats the need for an attack on freedom of the press/speech? There are plenty of pro-war columnists who think the sun rises directly over GW. There is also plenty of dissent. Thats a good thing.

    Communists & fascists made a science out crushing dissent, partially by questioning the patriotisim of anyone who did not stick to the party line. Lets not go down that road.

    There is an old saying about truth being the first casuality of war. That extends to both ends of the political spectrum.

  2. b-psycho says:

    What attack on freedom of speech? Pointing out the blatant bias of a reporter is a gestapo tactic now?

    I think invading Iraq in the first place was largely worthless, and this STILL offends me. Why is someone with such a mental block that they think nothing of sending childish messages like this reporting for NBC? This isn’t even reasonable, calm disagreement, it’s a humongous sneer in email form.

  3. Anjin-San says:

    If you find a reported biased, by all means don’t read him. This “who’s side are you on?” nonsense smacks of McCarththisim…

    It is possible I am over-reacting because I am tired of being called a terrorist symphathizer because I think the war in Iraq was a terrible mistake….

  4. McGehee says:

    So, Anjin — you work for NBC, do you?

  5. BobG says:

    Here is that misplaced arrogance of the liberal media again. Delusions of adequacy. Now having dead relatives who were in the military makes you a military expert. More than a liar he is an immature fool. His family needs protection from him.

  6. Bob Taylor says:

    I emailed a pasted copy of my comments on my Blog, Bob’s Place, trackbacked to this blog, to the arrogant SOB at his business address with the title Shame.

  7. Anjin, I have no problem with The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Common Dreams, Indy Media, or DU. I fully support their 1st Amendment rights. And, everyone knows what dish is being served at those establishments.

    I also support Hockenberry’s 1st Amendment rights.

    And I’m sure that YOU support ours when we point out the biases of him and Jennifer Loven. No McCarthyism. I’d prefer that Hockenberry et al identify themselves; if not, it’s MY right to say “Hey these guys have an axe to grind.”

    Capt 2slick himself expressed this more eloquently in the Comments section of the ISOU blog.

  8. idgit says:

    Anjin-San, there is little gray area to this issue, to me. IMHO, reporters, to be of any value at all MUST show some semblance of impartiality. I am 100% aware that our personal beliefs will, by definition, taint whatever we do as human beings. However, it is clear that Jennifer Loven has placed her beliefs above her job, causing her to become not a reporter, but a columnist. Calling her work “reporting” is silly, pieces like hers should be called commentary.

    Don’t get me started on Mr. Hockenberry. I’m too ticked at the moment.

    My $0.02.

  9. Anjin-San says:

    idgit…. I agree that a lot of todays “journalists” are hacks.

    At the other end of the spectrum we have people like Sean Hannity & Neal Cavouto with thier lips firmly planted on the presidents rear end. Remember Cavouto’s crack about bin laden wearing a Kerry button? Nice way to talk about a war hero.

    The best way to deal with hacks is to ignore them.

  10. LJD says:


    You are absolutely correct. I am ignoring you.

  11. libs4lunch says:

    Anijn-Sam (WTFO)

    Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto have more common sense than you are displaying in your posts. So, until you can come up to their level, drop the slimy comments.

    John Kerry a war hero???

    Dont make me laugh!! He is nothing but a political opportunist who used his Vietnam sprint to jump-start his political career. Then, he maligned true heros who were rotting in the Hanoi Hilton while he was out trying to score his first rich mealticket.

    I am SO HAPPY for the vets who were able to take down this inflated baloon and kill his boyhood dream of becoming President. I have a joyous vision of him “sitting at the kitchen table with tears coming down his face. ‘We worked so hard to get this’ ” — Boo hoo, boo hoo.

    To have him exposed to the entire country as the pond scum bottom feeder that he is makes the election stress worthwhile.

    Now, go play with your Karl Marx dolls and think about moving to Canada. Dont let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  12. Anjin-San says:

    What a good little fascist you are lunch. Anyone who disagrees with you is a communist! LOL. John Kerry has shrapnel in his leg from a war wound. I doubt if you have anything more then a large collection of GI Joes dolls and a well worn copy of “Platoon”.

    If you want me to leave America, you are free to come & try to eject me in person. Lets see how that works fella. 🙂

  13. libs4lunch says:

    OOOOOH Please dont hurt me Mr Anjin Ass

    Is that the shrapnel from the rice bin??

    Please give us some more of your wisdom, oh great one.

    We are breathlessly waiting for your guidance.

    And I wont bother to take you out, I gave the job of taking out the trash to the hired help.

    Stay in America. Be under the control of BUSH for FOUR MORE YEARS. YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

  14. Anjin-San says:

    Does this guys Mom know he is using her computer??

  15. LJD says:

    “It is possible I am over-reacting because I am tired of being called a terrorist symphathizer…”

    You are overreacting, and if you’re tired of being called one, stop BEING a terrorist sympathizer.

  16. Anjin-San says:


    You can’t possibly be as stupid as you sound, so it must be an act to get attention, something I doubt you get much of in your real life. In any case, I won’t be responding to your posts in the future 🙂

    Ahh yes, the same applies to lunch…

  17. chill out says:

    Take a breath. Anger and emotion (especially on the internet) won’t solve anything. Remember the Golden Rule AND try to display some JJDIDTIEBUCKLE! Look it up if you don’t know.

    “Truth is determined in the marketplace of ideas.”

  18. Kate says:

    If this comments thread degenerates any further, I’ll start deleting, kids.

  19. LJD says:

    I did check out JJDIDTIEBUCKLE! Although I am a soldier, not a Marine, I agree it is a valuable code for all to follow, including civilians.

    It does raise some questions for Anjin-San. The election is over, so I am confused about his objectives and motivation. First, he doesn’t like the President; that much is obvious. How does pissing and moaning do anything to change the fact that G.W.B. will be in office for the next four years? His guy lost, he (and 48% of America) needs to find a way to deal with it.

    Second, if he is against the war, or against all war, that is his prerogative. If he has another solution, another way of doing things, he should offer it up. Nobody wants to hear him bitch and whine. It does nothing constructive. It does not help our national security or troop morale. It does not help the troops accomplish their objectives.

    Free speech is a right that carries with it some responsibility. Yes, one can say whatever they want. One also bears the consequences of their words. If he is an American, it bothers me very deeply that he has lost sight of (or never was taught) this. He likes quotes; I have one for him. What about JFK and “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” OR, does he really hate it here that much?

    I take offense to the personal attacks he offers. At risk of an incorrect assumption, I get the impression he has no first-hand experience of that which he speaks: namely the military. I recommend he investigate JJDIDTIEBUCKLE! as well as some blogs from our troops, to see what THEY are saying. A majority of them support their Commander-in-Chief. I suspect he may not change his mind or blog etiquette, but at least he may gain some sensitivity to how his posts might affect them (us).

    At the day’s end if nothing changes, I recommend you being deleting some posts, especially ones that are off-subject, inflammatory, or have no intellectual value. Many thanks to the blog-police, as it was so eloquently put.

  20. Anjin-San says:


    Of course I support your right to take issue with any reporters comments. If the reporter in question is reporting things that are not factual, of course call him on it. If he seems slanted, well we are now in the era of news/entertainment fusion, where Britney Spears gets more time on CNN than serious matters. Some networks do indeed have a liberal bias. Fox clearly is biased to the right. An unfourtunate consequence of the Telecommunications act of 1996.

    What I object to is the “whose side are you on”? line.

    Objecting to the president’s policies and disloyalty to America are not the same thing. In fact, to imply they are runs contrary to the objectives of the founding fathers, who valued dissent and independence.

    A lot of people in this country think the Iraq war was unnecessary, a diversion that prevents us from paying proper attention to our real enemy, bin-laden, who is still at large and free to plot against us.

  21. Anjin-San says:

    I wager that the moderator can see that someone who calls political opponents “terrorist symphathizers” has little basis for getting irate over “personal attacks”.

    Glass houses, you know…

  22. LJD says:

    Calling the Iraq War a “complete failure” does not criticize the President’s policy, rather the troops on the ground, who are doing the job.

    Rationalizing that the “insurgents” are only reacting to their family being killed, is an attempt to put oneself in their shoes. When the same “insurgents” are proven to be from Syria or Iran, and have slaughter houses, and attempt to kill our troops securing Iraq for free elections, then by association it seems to “sympathize with the terrorists”.

    This post is absolutely true, that much of the media seems determined for the U.S. to fail in Iraq. In consideration of every mission, before & after its execution, the media coverage of behadings versus Abu Ghraib, they harshly criticize our troops’ actions. NOT the policy of the President, but the troops on the ground doing a very difficult and important job.