Open Season On Boxing Day Shoppers

Across a backdrop of a Liberal Party campaign pledge to “outlaw” handgun ownership, the outlaws go on with business as usual;

Crowds of Boxing Day shoppers fled for their lives ? some still wearing the clothing they were trying on ? after gunmen fought it out on Yonge St. just north of the Eaton Centre at a little before 5.20 p.m. night.

Before the gunsmoke could drift away, carnage littered the downtown shopping street on one of its busiest days of the year. Seven people were struck; one of them, a 15-year-old girl, was killed after a bullet shattered her face. The teenager had been downtown on a Boxing Day bargain-hunting trip. “A young woman in our city was down here doing very normal things on Boxing Day,” Police Chief Bill Blair said last night at the scene of the shooting. “I think everybody in the city of Toronto will be angry about what has taken place here.”

A 41-year-old off-duty police officer was among the victims, both shot in the legs. One of the gunshot victims tried to crawl away before coming to rest sprawled on the sidewalk in front of Pizza Pizza, at the corner of Yonge and Elm Sts., where passersby tried to help him as he talked on a cellphone.

That makes 78 murders in Toronto this year, and 52 by “gun violence”. Of course, it’s a lot easier to promise a ban on handguns than it is to deport Jamaican gang members.

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Kate McMillan
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  1. DL says:

    These incidents that show clearly the need to be armed to protect yourself because the police can’t, merely serve as gifts to be distorted by the leftist ruling class.

  2. Bithead says:

    This goes directly to something I wrote last year:

    Back in 89, when my wife and I were married, we went to that neighborhood for our honeymoon. At the time, we found the palce very nice indeed, and we never felt there was an issue; We could go out for coffee at 3am, if the mood struck us, and it did a couple times.

    We went back there a few years back, now, to revisit. We found the place changed… and not for the better. Our first indication was the kids in sleeping bags on the sidewalk as we tripped over them… in November.

    It went downhill from there, too. We won’t be back.

  3. RA says:

    Stupid liberals coddling murderers. I guess it would have been better if these people were murdered with bats or knives.

  4. Charles says:

    I live 50 mins from toronto and let me tell you I be going back to Toronto and the liberals spend 5 millions canadaian dollars on a gun resity What were they thinking that these punks will turn there guns in hahahaha. That why On Jan.23,2006 I be voting NDP. So other Canadians that real this Hope you send NDP MP to Ottawa.

  5. Charles says:
  6. BM says:

    These incidents that show clearly the need to be armed to protect yourself because the police can’t, merely serve as gifts to be distorted by the leftist ruling class.

    Posted by DL at December 27, 2005 14:53

    How would arming myself have protected me in this incident? These were gangbangers – no one knows where they are from, BTW – and they shot into a crowd indiscriminately. Arming myself would have done nothing. Don’t apply American attitudes to Canada buddy.

  7. BTMFL says:

    Perhaps a government that recognizes the futility of banning guns, a government that actually enforces the laws on the books, a government that amends the yound offenders act and maybe gets serious about unchecked immigration will be my New Year’s wish. As a Canadian, I will be voting for the Conservatives this year. I am tired of Liberal nonsense.

  8. Bithead says:

    I be voting NDP

    The NDP? Self-defeating.

    Rather makes one mindful of the old saw about 6 drunks in a car, heading for a cliff, in reverse. They see the cliff, and want to avoid it so because they’re already in reverse they floor the gas pedal.

  9. Gayle Ibizugbe says:

    I was lured back to Los Angeles five years ago, only to find out that it’s controlled by blacks, and any white woman who won’t “pay her dues” to the blacks doesn’t get to have a job, a locked door between her and the blacks, or her own choice of companions. I hope you folks up there in Canada do something before your cities are like this. Albany, NY, is the same way–perhaps worse. Do something NOW! One more thing, how will making it more difficult to get guns legally stop criminals from having them? Why would they think twice about acquiring them illegally?