Kevin has a sequel to his post of yesterday on open source software. Mainly, it’s a response to the numerous comments he received which:

. . .reminded [him] of a long time problem long time problem that I’ve never really found an answer for: how do you criticize excessive enthusiasm for something without sounding like you’re dismissing it entirely?

He provides several examples.

An interesting dilemma that most of us have run into from time to time. Unfortunately, it is an occupational (advocational?) hazard of punditry in general and blogging in particular. Unless one crafts one’s posts over a long period of time, considering every nuance, and then generates a post of Den Bestian proportions, it is virtually impossible to avoid. Most of us just react to whatever we’re reading and edit the post for a couple of minutes and hit the post button. Those of us not on Blogger see the results within seconds. They’re not always nuanced, complete, and fisk-proof. Indeed, they’re usually just a rough draft meant to address one or two specific points we’re trying to make; they’re not manifestos. Which is probably a good thing.

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