Oprah Winfrey for President?

Oliver Willis has been touting Oprah Winfrey as the Democrats’ smart candidate for president. It’s hard to deny that she’s smart, widely admired, and good on television.

Alex Knapp, though, offers a retort:

…. I can think of a few reasons just off the top of my head why, apart from the fact that hosting an emotionally manipulative talk show in no way qualifies a person to hold political office, Oprah shouldn’t be President. First, she’s got a lot of responsibility for the crap novels of Nicholas Sparks being popular. And second and most important, if it weren’t for her, Dr. Phil would be flipping burgers somewhere. For pushing Dr. Phil’s career alone, Oprah should be denied any chance at a political office.


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James Joyner
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  1. Lt bell says:

    I agree , of course the one problem with your thesis is that. The same disqualifications did not keep Bush from becoming president, he belongs in jail for pushing cheny’s career.
    And of course, we all know that Oprah would make a better resident than any member of the Bush Crime Family

  2. The Limey says:

    This is nothing new surely. Didn’t Michael Moore suggest Oprah should run for president in “Dude, Where’s My Country?”?

  3. reliapundit says:

    seriously: the DNC should can howeird dean A/O! and get Jack Valenti.

    he’s a DC insider, a texan, a hollywood maven and a smooth talker.

    he might be able to do what robert strauss did in 1970’s: rebuild the Dems into a moderate party with a solid base in the south.

    as for 2008: a richardson/bredesen ticket would be hard to beat.

    a latino/RC + a southern Baptist – 2 guv’s / two mods – westerner + southerner.

  4. Americans aren’t stupid enough to elect Oprah.

    Well…on second thought…never mind….

  5. Anderson says:

    Well, we elected Reagan, didn’t we?

    Alex’s arguments are compelling evidence that America may be safer with Oprah kicked upstairs.

  6. MIKE says:

    Oprah as prez is a good thing for all of us. Just think a car in every garage, a house built just for you & me and a chicken in every pot. Also Dr Phil’s house calls to tell us about our problems. I can’t wait

  7. Irky says:

    Opfrah is too smart. She wouldn’t take that kind of pay cut.