OTB Caption Contest

Time the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

Time the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

A man falls from ox cart as he competes during ox cart competition near U Bein bridge, in Mandalay

(REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun) 3/29

Winners for this contest will be announced after April 14th.

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Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. Paul Hooson says:

    Drag racing in this country is literally a drag…

  2. Paul Hooson says:

    This country has German co-pilots too?

  3. Paul Hooson says:

    Yak, Yak, Yak…

  4. Paul Hooson says:

    A bum steer?

  5. Paul Hooson says:

    This country’s remake of that Ben Hur chariot race didn’t go well…

  6. Paul Hooson says:

    Reminds me of Ben Hur….Loved Ben, hated Hur…

  7. Paul Hooson says:

    In this country a cart with two oxen is considered to be supercharged…

  8. Paul Hooson says:

    In this country, a horseless carriage actually means powered by your farm oxen…

  9. Paul Hooson says:

    Wow, close-up that nun from last week’s contest looks even worse than I previously expected…

  10. Paul Hooson says:

    This is your country….This is your country without a 4-H club…Any questions?

  11. Paul Hooson says:

    If Jerry Lewis was a sub-Saharan farmer…

  12. Paul Hooson says:

    A sporty Sudan?

  13. Paul Hooson says:

    Blue Cross?

  14. Mu says:

    Note to self: This car does not start with Yabadabadoo.

  15. David in KC says:

    Damn Mondays.

  16. rodney dill says:
  17. RockThisTown says:

    Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren race to the nomination.

  18. RockThisTown says:

    Olly olly oxen spree.

  19. RockThisTown says:

    “Yes I care about the environment, but this isn’t exactly the hybrid vehicle I had in mind . . . . “

  20. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Lindsey Graham demonstrates how his Iran policy will work.

  21. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign takes off to a thunderous start.

  22. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Obama tries his best to hold back the tandem of Netanyahu and Boehner on their rush to war with Iran.

  23. RockThisTown says:

    “No, you idiot, I said bagels & lox, not finagle some ox!”

  24. rodney dill says:

    Wichita East High School continues to probe new extracurricular activities targeted to allow students to earn a Varsity letter.

  25. RockThisTown says:

    Hindu Prius.

  26. OzarkHillbilly says:

    The GOP leadership takes over in the 114th Congress.

  27. OzarkHillbilly says:

    John Boehner is really showing Nancy Pelosi how to get things done in today’s Congress.

  28. RockThisTown says:

    ♪ Camptown ladies sing this song, doo-da, doo-da
    Camptown racetrack’s five miles long, oh de doo-da day♪

  29. RockThisTown says:

    Hillary’s latest press release: “It’ll take more than wild oxen to get me to release my e-mails to Gowdy.”

  30. Hal_10000 says:

    Ted Cruz passes the first trial necessary to become the GOP nominee.

  31. Franklin says:

    These newfangled driverless carts aren’t exactly what Elon Musk promised.

  32. Pinky says:

    Looks like another GM recall is on the way!

  33. Pinky says:

    Cows to the left of me
    Heifers to my right
    Here I am stuck in the middle on bamboo

  34. Tillman says:

    Diarrhea is like a storm raging inside you.

  35. Pinky says:

    Mandalay Man Delay

  36. Pinky says:

    The Human Plow resting his feet between rows.

  37. rodney dill says:

    @Pinky: …and now I’d like to show you a little something I call me ol’ bamboo.

  38. al-Ameda says:

    Uber comes to Mandalay

  39. John D'Geek says:

    “… but he tried voting for the wrong Party!”

  40. Tillman says:

    Christie’s on his last le–OH, spoke too soon!

  41. David in KC says:

    Schoolhouse Rock’s revamps “I’m just a bill” to reflect today’s legislative process.

  42. John425 says:

    Proof that Harry Reid DID NOT injure himself while exercising on a treadmill.

    Joe Biden hits the campaign trail. The campaign trail hits Joe Biden.

  43. David in KC says:

    @David in KC: that should be School House Rock revamps. Posting from small devices is a bad idea for me.

  44. DrDaveT says:

    Mothers Against Drunk Agronomy release their new infomercial.

  45. Paul Hooson says:

    Friends don’t let their oxen drink and drive…

  46. Franklin says:

    Mamas, don’t let your babies …

  47. Franklin says:

    Man tests whether the old adage “Don’t put the cart before the horse” is applicable to oxen.

  48. Jeremy says:

    Anakin Skywalker’s first attempt at podracing did not go so well.

  49. John425 says:

    Obama tries to drive the economy.

  50. Paul Hooson says:

    Even worse, this guy wrote his own bowels at his wedding. That really turned out bad…

  51. Paul Hooson says:

    Rhinestone Plowboy

  52. Paul Hooson says:

    His favorite magazine? PLOWBOY…He claims to only read it for the oxen articles…

  53. Paul Hooson says:

    The 2016 Presidential race is off and running…

  54. Paul Hooson says:

    Hugh Heifer?

  55. Keith P says:

    Whoa! This RFRA thing has a life of its own!

  56. Keith P says:

    Whoa! This RFRA thing has a life all its own!

  57. Paul Hooson says:

    DRAGGED BEHIND 2 – This time he’s tanned, rested, ready and pissed…

  58. Mal says:

    “I know I said I like my beef rare, but not this rare”

  59. Paul Hooson says:

    A gang of three hoodlums rob a video store in his village. One brags, “I got the cash register!”. The second brags, “I got the customer billfolds!”. But, the third hoodlum is crying. “I got SPACE JAM!”…