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The Illegal by a Hare Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Illegal by a Hare Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Lannis Waters/Palm Beach Post


First: walt moffett – Hippity, hoppity tickets are on the way

Second: al Ameda – “…. and turn off that cell phone!”

Third: Ron Davis“Newt Gingrich takes a weekend job to offset over $4 million in campaign debt.”


Doug MataconisTwo hours later, Bob would discover that the town doesn’t appreciate a guy who wears a giant rabbit’s head and no pants.

Donald SensingBeing a rabbit, she was especially upset to discover that her Catholic employer didn’t cover contraceptives.

JKB – Breaking news….Five drivers call 911 today to report themselves for drunk driving. All kept mumbling something about a giant white rabbit.

LorgSkyegon – A logging company having cut down the tree, the White Rabbit never found his way back to Wonderland

Hoyticus – Bet they don’t know I’m a “chocolate bunny”.

Debbie MossAfter being turned away at three malls and eight Walmarts, Ben the Bunny, too proud to apply for unemployment, takes the only seasonal job he can find.


“Dang… I knew I shouldn’t have taken the Red Pill.”

“No Earl, that doesn’t count as wearing a hoodie.”

Just another Grace Slick fan.

The Thursday Contest is indicating a left turn.

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