OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Hair of the Dog Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Hair of the Dog Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: OzarkHillbilly – “Hey Baby, wanna check out my Butterballs?”

Second: Mr. Prosser – The best example yet of why GMO labeling should be required.

Third(tie): KRM – David Axelrod explains seafood.

Third(tie): David – At least I’m not strapped to a car roof.


Tillman – I’m a lobster! YEEEEAAAH BABY! Wait, what’s this butter for?

Donald sensing“If you don’t like it you can kiss my furry little butt! No, wait. Kiss my butter! No, um … line!”

Maggiemama – I knew there was a reason to be suspicious of this summer’s surplus of Maine lobsters!

Motopilot – Parkay.

Drew – Fresh off the failed two headed Sea Bass initiative, Red Lobster’s gene splicing experiment went a tad awry, forcing the crack product development team to resort to the universal solution………more butter.

JeremyNorth Korean seafood at it’s finest.


The expectations for the Trump October surprise far exceeded the actual event.

Following the immense success of the obamaphone, Barry decided to follow up with the obamadog.

You had me at, Sniff my butter

Beware the third eye stalk.

The Monday Contest has already been exposed to art.

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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Damn…. once again I shoot for the “Bottom of the Barrel” and aim too high… Oh well, back to “Slingblade”….

    “I likes my biscuits with mustard, hmm hmmm…”

    ps: for the record, I would have gone with Motopilot – Parkay.

    pss: I think this is the first time I won first place. Glad you got a laff or 2 Rodney.

  2. rodney dill says:

    @OzarkHillbilly: Hmmm… I know you’ve done pretty good a couple of times, but I couldn’t remenber if this was your first or not… just don’t pull a Lena Dunham about it.