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The Garbonzo Warfare Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Garbonzo Warfare Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: Kevin Whalen – Never bring a gun to an RPG fight.

Second: Charles austinDuck, Duck, Pate. (I was thinking – duck, duck, DUCK! – rodney)

Third: Lgbpop – “Missed me!”


JayTea“Dude, I told you to watch where you pointed that!”

Maggie Mama – Cool, Omar, I always wondered how you got that great stipling effect on your blue jeans.

Robert W. ArmijoOkay, Omar. It’s your turn to take point…Omar? Omar?”

G.A.Phillips – Terrorist,terrorist,martyr.

Peterh – Dude…..I think you need a bigger gun…..

Stormy DragonThe attrocities commited by Qaddafi in Libya continue to escalate. There are even reports that the regime has begun forcing trapped civilians to endure visits from John McCain.


GREG – Rules for Safe Gun Use:
1. Don’t shoot concrete walls. Shrapnel is not your friend.
2. Don’t stand six inches from the end of a rifle barrel. Flash burns are not your friends either.
3. Don’t let the ammo belt on a full automatic rifle rest on your genitals. Those ARE your friends.


Two out of three libyan rebels endorse the pinpoint accuracy of US war technology.

“Lay off the hummus Abdul, chickpeas is practically beans.”

“…and now Muhammad us missing, just what is going on here?”

“Nobody expects the Libyan Rebellion… our three chief rebels are Abdul, Muhammad, and … our two chief rebels are… ”

“Toldya not to stand next to Pastor Terry Jones.”

“I’m not pullin’ your finger again.”

The Thursday Contest is already on another Lindsey Lohan intervention alert.

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