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The Night Recap Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Night Recap Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: Mr. Prosser – Did you all see how Trump’s hair went all wild when we hit him with the birther jokes?

Second: John425 – Obama: “…and then the IMF guy chases her down the hall!”

Third: FormerHostage – “Uh, Mrs. Obama I’m a guest, not a waiter.” “I said I wanted a glass of wine and…I. WANT. IT. NOW!” “……Red or white ma’am?”


Robert W. Armijo“Stop me if you heard this one before. But I don’t think you have. Not yet: You see, these Navy SEALs enter a compound in Pakistan…”

Maggie Mama – Yeah, the moats and alligator lines worked just great!

Vast Variety – I once caught a fish this big.

Peterh – That’s a good question…you see…when I’m around women and my hands are open…lets just say, I should keep them closed…


How about a big sign that says “Mission Accomplished”

Obama: “Race Card? Ha! I’m playin’ the Trump Card tonight”

No Mrs. Obama I didn’t take your pudding, maybe you should check someone else for ‘pudding face.’

“…since the CIA found Bin Laden, couldn’t they help Obama find Waldo?”

The Thursday Contest has already found the frequency.

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