OTB Caption Contest Winners

The I Fart In Your General Direction Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The I Fart In Your General Direction Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(Photo by Roger L. Wollenberg-Pool/Getty Images)


First: Rob in CT – Geithner: This paper airplane is gonna be totally sweet.

Second: charles austinWithout the teleprompter the President was unable to open the meeting.

Third(tie): John425 – Obama: “So here’s my official position…spending will increase until the deficit improves”

Third(tie): Mr. Prosser – I didn’t hear a “harrumph” out of you, Geithner, that man gets no paddle ball.


MstrB – Anyone else have a Boehner problem too?

markm – Obama: “hey….I KILLED BIN LADEN!!!!!!!”

Stormy DragonKey administration officials gather to watch the daring raid last night in which Obama’s approval rating was successfully eliminated.

JKB – Looking for Leadership

HolyJuanHilary’s reach is almost as long as Bill’s.

Robert W. Armijo“Okay, everybody. You know the routine. Turnover your mobile phones to me…Hillary, here, just got another so-called ‘Weiner’ text from somewhere inside this room.”


The round failed as both Hillary and Barack forget the words to “Row Row Row Your Boat.”

None of us are as dumb as all of us.

“Actually, I don’t much like peas.”

We won’t be satisfied, until you’re not satisfied.

The Monday Contest has already bitten off more than it can chew.

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  1. Woo hoo! Thanks for second Rodney.

  2. Murray says:

    Second for the beaten to death “teleprompter” meme?