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The ACME Paint By Numbers Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The ACME Paint By Numbers Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: JazzShawIt looked a lot more relevant once we painted over the roadrunner and the coyote.

Second: Michael Hamm – I have no idea of what this piece of art is to represent!

Third: John Burgess“And here, we have the ‘Roadmap to Peace in the Middle East.'”


charles austinAnd this is what finally convinced President Obama of the wisdom of a NFZ in Libya.

Kevin WhalenEven during a recession people pay good money for this crap.

Maggie Mama – Here we see a modern interpretation of the artist’s view of America; no longer a bright “happy face” but rather a peaked “WTF look”.

John425 – Doctor analyzing Nancy Pelosi’s EEG brain scan.

John425 – I don’t know why this doctor keeps showing me these Rorschach tests. They’re nothin’ but a set of dirty pictures.

JazzShawYou can’t actually bid on that, sir. It’s the lady’s room door.


Just what is this? about $950,000 give or take $50,000.

“Can’t find Waldo, take another look.”

…and this one was done by Charlie Sheen, it’s called WINNING


“…and this one is titled. ‘Eleventh letter of Greek Alphabet reclining.'”
“So that’s the Dali Lambda then?”
“No Mr. Pastis… and we would appreciate you stopping coming to our openings.”

The Monday Contest is already green with envy

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