OTB Caption Contest Winners

The ACME Corporation Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The ACME Corporation Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: ravgames – “Lemme show you how I killed Bin Laden, kid.”

Second: Gollum – The demo was delayed briefly when the First Lady ran off with the “ammo bag.”

Third(tie): Neil Hudelson – Two more pumps here, then adjust the whosawatzit three notches, and that my friend is how you capture the Road Runner.

Third(tie): Brummagem Joe – Don’t let Boehner near this… he’ll shoot his eye out.


physics geek Obama thought bubble: “Oh Michelle, I’m gonna make you bark like a dog.”

Greg Levitzki – So are you certain that this is a working model of Iran’s nuclear technology?

Brooke – This is not as easy as my penis pump.

john personnaI’m not sure how far we can cut the military budget but … let’s give it a shot.

Maggie Mama – I always knew kids were running the show.

Debitking – Ok kid, we will invest 500 million on this thing. But only because it’s air powered.


“…it only shoots marshmallows, Sir.”
“So if we want to attack the French, we’re all set then.”

Pumper? I don’t even know her.

“She’s lookin’ good, Vern.” (obscure ‘The Farside’ reference)

Cementing America’s technological superiority.

The Monday Contest is already going Fast and Furious.

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    Hey, thanks!