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Weekend Caption Jam Linkfest. . . and now also Saturday Traffic Jam for those who wish to link.

Other Humor:

TNOYF has a few things for Madonna to try.
Anechoic Room has the hour of poWer.
Bravo Zulu is naming a police boat.
V the K always has the best pictures at Caption This!

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  1. The Forecast Calls for Snow Edition I Shot the Sharif Edition Giving Him the Boot Edition ****************************** Thanks for the link! Marathon Pundit This post is proudly featured in…OTB CAPTION JAM ****************************** UPDATE 6/5: This contest is now closed… WINNERS ARE POSTED HERE! The latest contest is HERE! Thank you all for playing!

  2. a nuclear weapon, a leading think tank said on Wednesday. The International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) issued its assessment as world powers met in London. Outside the Beltway linked with: OTB Caption Jam/Linkfest/Saturday Traffic Jam/.Anechoic Room has the hour of poWer

  3. [IMG] Photoshop entries are also welcomed and should be emailed to me. Winners will be announced on Sunday. Part of theOTB Caption Jam.

  4. Congressman Oxley’s – Freddie Mac Story Dies…

    We reported that WLIO revealed an investigation into Oxley’s apparent ethical misconduct. As one of the highest ranking members in the House he decided for no real apparent reason to step down. So it would have (or should have been) big news. Si…

  5. BZ Name The New Police Boat Competition…

    “My Premier went to Washington for a Coast Guard & all I got was this lousy, new boat…”
    The Bermuda Police Service are having a name their new custom-built Police interdiction/S&R boat competition.

    “The 52ft vessel is nearly rea…

  6. Swiftly ‘Video-linking’ Kerry…

    Its Memorial Day Weekend, with John Kerry on a front page news story,
    discrediting the Swiftboat Vets again! -VIDEOS haunt his words to Harvard……