OTB Latenight – “Lost” Finale Edition

ABC’s musical trip through Lost — in plenty of time to get back to your television for the big event:

Some remarks about the finale itself after the jump (spoilers for anyone not completely up to date on the show)…

Just a quick and dirty comments I want to publish before the finale airs:

1. Claire still hasn’t given birth to Aaron in Sideways World. I think it likely his birth will be a key part of the resolution of the split timelines.

2. Desmond’s obviously the fulcrum of whatever’s going to happen with those selfsame dual universes. And, as usual, Eloise definitely seemed to know more than anyone else when Sideways Desmond met her. That’s got to be resolved tonight, too.

3. FLocke’s explanation of why Desmond escaping the well helps him out makes no sense. Firstly, he got Ben’s (apparent) allegiance by promising him he could have the Island when it’s over (so Ben’s not apt to be too happy about it being destroyed). Second, having to find him doesn’t make that easier. Since he’s been pretty successful at predicting how people will react to his manipulations so far, this is probably another ploy to get Ben to do what he wants. Alternatively, it’s just a way to avoid looking like he’s been played he didn’t have time to think through that will come back to haunt him.

4. I can’t believe Charles Widmore of all people just died in a closet for no reason. He’d just told Ben that, as usual, he was three steps ahead of him, which serves to underscore the point. I think Jacob really did get to him and he decided to sacrifice himself for the Island if need be. People have been dying at a rapid rate lately, but in each case it’s come when they’ve achieved some sort of resolution of their longstanding issues. Charles telling Flocke that Desmond (who triggered the Swan station failsafe) was a “failsafe” in those circumstances will turn out to be his way of redeeming himself and making his sacrifice count. Flocke seems to have taken the bait, too.

5. We haven’t seen Vincent in a long, long time. But he hasn’t been forgotten. Also, I expect we’ll see Rose & Bernard playing a role in the endgame.

6. Gilligan will mistakenly “clean” the donkey wheel, causing everyone to loop back to the turbulence that started the whole thing.

Obviously, I’m not quite serious about one of those.

Ha! As if Aaron is important….

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  1. OST says:

    I can’t believe it has come to an end! I don’t want to spoil for anyone that hasn’t seen the finale yet- but the ending was as good as we could have hoped for. It’s the end of an era!