Dodd Harris is mad at WaPo and isn’t going to read their free site anymore. That’ll teach the bloodsuckers!

I was going to put that in the Traffic Jam but it occured to me to use this to remind readers that the userid “otbblog” and password “jamesotb” can be used for any of the “free” registration-required sites that I’ve ever linked to–which is to say, a whole lot of sites. The combination is up in the top left[now right] sidebar under RESOURCES.

And, no, I don’t use those passwords for anything “sensitive” or where the site charges a subscription.

James Joyner
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  1. buckethead says:

    I always register with this info:

    Dick M. Stickrod
    [a valid email address]
    1060 W. Addison
    Chicago, IL 60613

    I always choose the oldest age range, lowest income and opposite sex.

    That’s the address of Wrigley Field, and Dick is an actual person. I sold him five triple pane vinyl replacement windows with the optional low-E coating for ultraviolet protection. It took me three days before I could look at the name without breaking into laughter, or tears. Three abortive attempts to call before I got through without choking. Nice guy, a bit defensive about his name. But, it’s Dick, not Richard, Rich or Rick.

  2. djspicerack says:

    it’s funny, a lot of folks are upset about this at WaPo, probably because they held out so long. I know it’s all about creating demographics and whatnot, but it gets totally annoying sometimes.