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OTB Radio The next episode of OTB Radio, our BlogTalkRadio program, will record and air live tonight at 7 Eastern.

I’ll be joined by Alex Knapp and Bill Dyer of BeldarBlog. It’s a good thing they’re both attorneys, as there are a lot of legal issues in the news. We’ll be talking about the felony murder rule (including the cases of Texas death row inmate Kenneth Foster and the possible murder charges in the Phoenix news helicopter crash), the Don Imus defamation suit, the suit by a crazy prisoner against Michael Vick, and time permitting, Rudy Giuliani’s foreign policy platform.

Steve Verdon will be joining us, too, making his OTB Radio debut!

We’ll also be taking your calls at (646) 716-7030.

UPDATE: Apart from some odd technical glitch that had me calling into my own show via a cellphone because I could hear but not speak a few minutes into the show, it was a good episode. We had a fruitful discussion, talking about the topics above minus Giuliani. We’ll likely get to that on a future show.

If you missed it live (or, for some odd reason, want to hear it again) you can click the link above. Alternatively, the embedded media player below will play the show for you.

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  1. Beldar says:

    Thanks very much for the invitation to appear. I had a marvelous time!

    Those who listen to this broadcast will find it hard to conceive that there’s anything that I intended to say that I didn’t get said. However, when we finished up, I realized that in the discussion of the Kenneth Foster case, I completely neglected to mention something important:

    As I explained on the air, I think that Foster is not remotely the “innocent bystander” described by Rothberg’s op-ed in The Nation. I think that death penalty opponents like Rothberg do their cause a disservice by failing to address, forthrightly and honestly, all of the ugly facts about the various capital defendants’ cases and their histories.

    But I also ultimately came to the conclusion that I disagree with the Fifth Circuit on a small but important technical point, which leads me to also disagree with the Fifth Circuit as to whether Foster should be executed now. I explained why in a long update on my own blog, and won’t repeat it all here. But I’m sure my comments on the broadcast left the (false) impression that I agreed fully with the Fifth Circuit and that I think Foster ought to be executed. My disagreement is academic, of course; he almost certainly will be executed before the month is out.