OTB Radio Tonight at 7

OTB Radio The fourth episode of OTB Radio, our BlogTalkRadio program, will air tonight at 7 Eastern.

Alex Knapp will co-host with me this evening. We’ll be joined by Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind. We’ll be discussing the news of the day, including the NYT editorial urging a rapid withdrawal of forces from Iraq, various mini-brouhahas in the presidential campaign, and the continuing infighting between the Bush administration and Congress.

We’ll also be taking your calls at (646) 716-7030.

If you’re unable to listen live, the show will be archived and available for download or streaming from the site.

UPDATE: An interesting show despite a slow news day and some minor technical glitches with Sean’s connection. If you missed it live (or, for some odd reason, want to hear it again) you can click the link above. Alternatively, the embedded media player below will play the show for you.

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  1. Why wouldn’t you want to hear it again and again and again? It was my OTB Radio debut!