Other Shoe Drops for Ensign

Many wondered by Senator Ensign announced his retirement this year, given that all his sex scandal info has already been made public.

Taegan Goddard provides the likely answer: Ensign Accused of Breaking Laws

The committee’s report found "substantial credible evidence that provides substantial cause to conclude that Senator Ensign violated Senate Rules and federal civil and criminal laws."
Ensign is accused of helping former aide Doug Hampton, already indicted, by funneling lobbying clients to him during a mandated cooling-off period. The senator previously admitted to having an extramarital affair with Hampton’s wife

Steven L. Taylor
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  1. c.red says:

    Not so much wondered why he resigned the day before he would be required to testify under oath; the fact that there were alleged criminal pay offs and that he hid them by going through his parents has been in the public domain for almost a year. As you quote the aid in question has previously been indicted, so it stands to reason Ensign was going to face something similar.

    The only wonder was that this got almost no play in the media whatsoever.