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No, The Iranian Nuclear Program Deal Isn’t Like Munich

The opponents of the temporary deal reached in Geneva have been making some ridiculous historical analogies.

Congress Trying To Undercut Obama’s Iran Deal?

Some Members of Congress are talking about pushing a bill imposing new sanction on Iran despite the deal reached in Geneva yesterday.

U.S., World Powers, Reach Temporary Nuclear Deal With Iran

Small steps from both sides in the Iranian nuclear negotiations, but too early to say that we’ve reached a solution.

Deal On Iranian Nuclear Program Falls Apart, And That’s Mostly Not A Good Thing

Thanks largely to France, this weekend’s efforts to reach an interim deal on Iran’s nuclear program fell apart.

Progress On Iran Nuclear Deal?

Signs of some progress in the talks over Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

U.S. President, Iranian President Speak For First Time Since 1979

President Obama spoke with Iranian President Rouhani today, the first such contact between the nations in 34 years.

“Sending A Message” To Iran Is Not A Good Reason To Attack Syria

Bombing Country B to “send a message” to Country A is not a valid argument for bombing Country B.

United States Knew Saddam Was Using Chemical Weapons Against Iran

United States helped Saddam Hussein launch some of the worst chemical attacks in history against Iran.

Lindsey Graham Wants War With Iran By September

Lindsey Graham is playing cynical political games with a dangerous part of the world.

Iran The Big Winner In Syria’s Civil War?

Has the West inadvertently handed Iran a victory in Syria?

Iran, Hezbollah and Latin America?

The same story yet again.

There’s Nothing Wrong With The Fact That Tsarnaev Was Mirandized On Monday

Some on the right are complaining that Dzhokar Tsarnaev was read his Mranda rights too soon.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Miranda, And The Public Safety Exception

What Miranda does and does not cover and what consequences follow if police do not comply.

Boston Bombing Suspect Won’t Be Read His Miranda Rights

A strange loophole in the law means Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be questioned without being advised of his Miranda Rights.

Iran’s Currency Has Collapsed. A Sign The Sanctions Are Working?

Iran’s currency has collapsed and there are riot police in the streets of Teheran. It appears the sanctions may just be working after all.

Iran v. the US: Who is the Rational Actor on the Nuclear Question?

Because some things are worth reinforcing.

Bipartisan Insanity on Iran

My latest for The National Interest, “Insanity on the Iran Question,” posted last evening.

An Attack On Iran Would Be A Major, Mistaken, War

An attack on Iran’s nuclear program would be far more complicated than a one-off attack.

Joint Chiefs Chairman: An Israeli Attack On Iran Would Be Unsuccessful And Counterproductive

General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sent a message to Israel last week.

Wars, And Rumors Of Wars: Is An Israeli Strike On Iran More Likely Than Ever?

A new IAEA report may make an Israeli strike on Iran in the near future more likely than it has ever been.

Iran in the News

Some troubling, sad, and downright puzzling stories

Iran Nukes: Not So Fast?

Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb isn’t as easy as most think, Jacques Hymans argues in the current Foreign Policy.

Iran Hasn’t Decided Whether to Build Nukes-Israel Army Chief

Lt Gen Benny Gantz says Iran “is going step by step to the place where it will be able to decide whether to manufacture a nuclear bomb. It hasn’t yet decided to go the extra mile.”

China Will Continue Buying Iranian Oil

There’s a big hole in the latest sanctions against Iran.

The Consequences Of Attacking Iran

An attack on Iran is likely to unleash consequences that we are unprepared to deal with.

Ronald Reagan and the Iran Hostage Crisis

Did Ronald Reagan’s impending inauguration help get our hostages released after 444 days?

Republicans v. Obama On Iran: Fewer Differences Than You’d Think

The differences between the parties when it comes to Iran are far less substantial than the candidate’s rhetoric would suggest.

The Drumbeat to War With Iran: Take a Stand

We need to have opinions on a subject as serious as war with Iran.