Palestinian Terrorists Release Video of Centanni and Wiig

A Palestinian terrorist group called Holy Jihad Brigades have released a video of kidnapped FOX News journalists Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig.

A previously unheard of Palestinian group released video footage on Wednesday showing two kidnapped FOX News journalists and demanded Muslim prisoners in U.S. jails be released within 72 hours in exchange for the men, a Palestinian news agency reported.

Palestinian Terrorists Release Video of Centanni and Wiig In the footage, American correspondent Steve Centanni, 60, and cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, of New Zealand, said they were being cared for and appealed for help in winning their release. The footage was the first sign of the journalists since they were kidnapped Aug. 14 from their TV van in Gaza City. “Our captors are treating us well,” Centanni said.

The statement issued by the Holy Jihad Brigades marked the first time a Palestinian group in Gaza made demands on a foreign country other than Israel. Militant groups have routinely tried to limit the conflict to a fight between Palestinians and Israel. Although Palestinian militant groups have often seized foreigners, including members of the media, this is the longest any have been held. In the video footage, the men, sitting cross-legged on the floor in sweat suits, appear to be in good health.

No armed men were seen.

Well, at least we know they’re probably still alive.

Hat tip: Andrew Cochran

Meanwhile, Cori Dauber notes how differently the media are handling this story vice the kidnappings of non-journalists.

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  1. madmatt says:

    To be fair the US has said it has kept several muslims innocent of any charges imprisoned even though they should be released! How is it we are any better than this latest group?

  2. LJD says:

    To be fair the US has said it has kept several muslims innocent of any charges imprisoned

    Link please psycho, I mean MADDMatt.

  3. Mark says:

    The group is demanding “Muslim prisoners in U.S. jails be released within 72 hours in exchange for the men”

    Sounds like they could be in the “Free Mumia!” crowd…

  4. madmatt says:

    LJD read about guantanamo and the numerous people they held long after they had been deemed innocent of any charges.:

    Gosh took me 2 minutes to find…are you too ignorant to use google?

  5. If an ordinary criminal resorts to kidnapping during the
    commission of a crime, no one calls it terrorism. When a
    similar event with political overtones takes place it is
    almost immediately characterized as terrorism

    I can understand the ordinary criminal’s choice as a lame
    attempt to prolong the inevitable, but what do kidnappings
    like the current one attributed to the Holy Jihad Brigades
    accomplish for the perpetrator beyond media coverage?

    The public seems to pay more attention to the political form
    of kidnapping than the typical criminal variety. Sadly for
    the victims, the effect is likely the same or similar.

  6. LJD says:

    No. Read your quote.

    …the US has said…

    Who said. What (exactly). When. I want to see the quote from an identifiable authority that says, ‘We know they are ‘innocent'(whatever that means) and should not be here, but we’re keeping them anyway (because we are spiteful SOBs).’ It just doesn’t exist.

    You link a few Chinese that will be killed if returned home does not paint the same picture you were trying to. Or are you volunteering to offer them asylum in YOUR home?

    So your point was that we are evil, so any act against us is justified. Your level of concern for your fellow Americans is truly touching. Why not write a nice letter to the failies of the hostages, telling them their loved ones ‘deserved it’?

  7. Anderson says:

    Damn, I had actually forgotten about these guys. Thank God they’re still alive, and I hope they’re free soon.

    (Has Fox been pushing the story, counting the days in captivity, etc.?)