Palin & Beck’s 9/11 Event Apparently Has Nothing To Do With 9/11

I wrote yesterday about the event that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are having in Anchorage on Saturday, today comes news that the date is a mere coincidence:

Event promoter Christopher Cox says the 9/11 date is a coincidence. Cox originally eyed Sept. 4, but didn’t want to compete with the Alaska State Fair.

So it’s not about September 11th at all ? What is then, another Beck religious rally ?

Jeffrey Lord at The American Spectator nails it:

If it is what it appears…a for-profit event using their collective celebrity — and I can’t imagine that it is…some PR type has goofed big time. There has got to be a rational explanation for this and released pronto. Unless every single dime of this event after expenses is going to a 9/11 charity or some such, whoever came up with this idea and let it out there without a massive PR explanation that the money is not for Beck or Palin should be, well, let’s start with horsewhipped.

Opening Palin and Beck to this kind of easily foreseeable left-wing criticism is just heedless. That’s Ruling Class talk for dumb.


H/T: Dan Riehl

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  1. DC Loser says:

    I’m SHOCKED, SHOCKED!!  that Palin and Beck are in it for the money!

  2. RAGGEDT says:

    How odd that Glenn Beck — given how much he spends on the importance of knowing American history — just HAPPENS to accidentally schedule big events on dates important to millions of Americans: He has a religious rally on the National Mall on the anniversary of King’s March on Washington. Now, he has event with Sarah Palin that accidentally falls on September 11th!! How on earth could he have realized that was also an important anniversary?!!?

  3. john personna says:

    It would have been pretty easy to kick “some portion  of proceeds” to an appropriate charity.  That’s the PR failure, if you ask me.

  4. G.A.Phillips says:

    lol!!!Coincidence=BDS is still in full psychosis and does not need to be altered in meaning for it’s seamless passing  onto another man.

    er, um, ah, well….

    from “Bush did it” to “Becks doing it” but that’s it! One stitch that leaves me in stitches hahahaha…..

  5. narciso says:

    Yes forget that they are donating the proceeds to the Special Forces Warrior Fund