Worth1000 has several rather clever ones–all featuring the infamous heiress fully clothed. They also reinforce something that has occured to me before: She’s not particularly attractive. Given that she’s also not particularly bright–indeed, that’s putting it kindly–nor charming, I wonder at the continued fascination with her. I’m given to understand that finding naked women–indeed, naked women engaged in sex acts–is relatively easy on the Internet. So why the fuss over this one?

(Hat tip: Stephen Bainbridge)

Update: Paris Hilton Nude Vincent Gallo Photos

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James Joyner
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  1. Tom Royce says:

    I agree, after watching the horrible show on fox, “The Simple Life”, I am actually repulsed by her and her cohort.
    As an example of the changing of America, now it is money that makes the women attractive.

  2. Mac Swift says:

    I’m glad SOMEBODY has 20/20 vision. I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought that the anorexic looking Paris Hilton was rather yucky.

    It’s the smile that does it too. She has this unnatural smile that remains transfixed on her face. Reminds me of Al Gore’s smirk that way. *shudder*

  3. Paul says:

    If you truly want to seed google you have to use the word nude… and well, now of course nacked

  4. Kate says:

    Gotta admit, my first viewing of the show provided a bona fide guffaw…. living in a rural area much like the one featured, the crack made by one of the barbeque guest rednecks, “so your last name is Motel 6?” was priceless. And typical.

    Pop media likes to portray “redneck” as a synonym for “stupid”. Yeah, well let ’em keep thinking that…