Once again, the Senate has voted to end partial birth abortions. This time, we have a president who won’t veto it. The procedure essentially involves stabbing a baby in the head with scissors and sucking its brains out when it is half-delivered. (See here for more.) Barbara Boxer and 32 other Senators think this should be permissible:

Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, said the term “partial birth” belonged not in a medical dictionary but in a political one.

“They made up the term `partial-birth abortion,’ ” Senator Boxer said of the bill’s supporters. “It’s a very emotional term, but what we’re talking about here is a procedure that is used in situations where any other procedure might cause grave harm to the woman.”

While I’m a “doctor,” I’m not a physician. But I simply can’t imagine a situation where killing a baby that’s half-delivered and then extracting its corpse would be more advantageous to the physical health of the mother than completing delivery. It defies logic.

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James Joyner
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