Robert Novak reports two interesting developments. First, there is speculation as to the possibility that Gray Davis might resign the California governorship to derail the recall movement and keep that office in Democrat control. This move–which, for some odd reason, never occured to me–is completely within the rules but would be out of character for Davis, since he has wanted that job his entire adult life. While I’d love to see a Governor Schwartzenegger get elected and help Bush make a run at California’s electoral votes, I think a Davis resignation would be preferable. While recalls are perfectly within bounds in California’s system, I find the process distasteful coming so soon after an election and absent any new malfeasance.

Also, the GOP-controlled Florida legislature is making some moves to make it difficult for Bob Graham to run simultaneously for reelection and for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. I support taking away the weasel option of running for two offices at once, for a variety of reasons, but don’t like it when it’s clearly aimed at a specific candidate for partisan reasons. Changing rules in the middle of the game is foul ball, even when Republicans are doing it to Democrats.

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James Joyner
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  1. John Lemon says:

    Agreed on the foul ball part, even though you can’t see one on TBS tonight.

    And I’m ready for the Campaigninator. (I think T3 is gonna suck, though, and really hurt Arnie’s chances.) Maybe we could draft Barbra Streisand for a run at guv!

  2. Paul says:

    Changing rules in the middle of the game is foul ball, even when Republicans are doing it to Democrats.

    (grumbling under his breath….)

    yeah… I guess you are right….. damn.