Paul Berman argues in Slate

Paul Berman argues in Slate that Jochska Fischer is wrong on the war, but that doesn’t make him evil. Certainly true, although I think Berman is too kind on Fischer’s association with Baader Meinhof. The baffling thing about the piece, though, is this passage:

Bush has failed to present the current war and its impending new Iraqi front in terms of a democratic struggle against totalitarianism. He has failed to discuss in any serious way the moral aspect of the war, has failed to present the war as an act of solidarity with horribly oppressed Iraqis and other victims of Muslim fascism, has failed to show the humanitarian aspect of the war, has failed to present the war in the light of the long history of anti-totalitarianism.

Huh?! Didn’t Berman watch the SOTU? Or listen to any number of Bush’s other speeches on the war?

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James Joyner
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  1. Bryan says:

    Paul Berman is a real knucklehead. His long-winded argument that terrorists today are similar to past fascist/nazi regimes is total nonsense. In today’s case, the Islam world really is being attacked by foreigners and not because of what they believe but because of what they have (oil). Americans remain so perplexed over why the whole world is against the Iraqi war. Let me sum it up for all the small-town/small-brains of America. Here are the reasons that G.W. put forth for the war on Iraq:
    1-weapons of mass destruction…The US provided these weapons of mass destruction to Saddam and Rumsfeld didn’t care that he attacked the Kurds in the 80’s when the Aqaba oil deal was about to go down.
    2-the liberation of the Iraqi people…George Bush the big altruist. Yeah right, the US supports Israel which places Palestinians in a much worse crisis than Saddam does.
    3-Fight terrorism…What happened to Osama? At this point there is no proof of any link to Al Quaeda or mention of Saddam after 9-11 until a year later.
    Wake up people, the US is attacking the middle east in order to plunder their resources and until that stops we can expect more terrorism here and abroad.