PC Manners

Craig Henry is “tired seeing of any and all objections to crude humor dismissed as creeping PC.”

I would add that it’s especially annoying when done by “conservatives” to decry the lack of “family values” in our society.

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James Joyner
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  1. Tlaloc says:

    It would help the case though if the objections were phrased as matters of taste rather than violations of racism/sexism/whatever.


    “Imus was racist for saying ‘nappy headed hos’ on the air.”


    “Imus is a declasse douchebag for calling a women’s basketball team ‘nappy headed hos’ on the air.”

    The second is pretty clearly not resting on any PC foundation while the first might.

    (I really like the juxtaposition of “declasse” and “douchebag,” not words you’d usually put together IMO)