The Scrum links several stories on Joe Lieberman’s trying to pick a fight with Howard Dean, trying to set up a two-way race for the nomination. So far, it doesn’t appear to be working: Dean isn’t taking the bait and the Democratic nominating electorate is seeming to yawn at the popular 2000 Vice Presidential nominee.

(Hat tip: Andrew Cline)

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James Joyner
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  1. joy says:

    Oh come on, it’s way too early for such a dismissal. And anyway, I think that Lieberman actually needs to be a bit more aggressive until Dean gets miffed, which isn’t that hard to do. I mean, heck, ask Dean about his *provable* record and see what he comes out with.

    I’d observe for the next few months and see how the race itself shakes out. In a way, it’s kinda good that Kerry doesn’t figure here at all. Hopefully, Lieberman has enough fire in his belly to keep on attacking.

  2. James Joyner says:


    Maybe so. From a partisan perspective, I’d just assume have the Democrats nominate the worst candidate they have: preferably Al Sharpton. But it would be far better for the country if a serious nominee were chosen instead. Given some of Graham’s pronouncements, that pretty much leaves Lieberman and maybe Gephardt.

    But Lieby should be doing much better at fundrasing and in the polls. He should have been able to virtually walk to the nominaton with his name recognition and the 2000 network. That’s not happening.

  3. Cam says:

    I’m hoping for a no-holds barred cage match on pay-per-view before all is said and done.

  4. John says:

    Yea, it’d be nice to see one for a change.