Plane Debris Found Near Ground Zero

Nearly 12 years after the September 11th attacks, an item that likely is a piece of debris from one of the two planes that struck the World Trade Center has been found:

A 5-foot-long chunk of airplane debris found near the World Trade Center site is believed to be a piece of landing gear from one of the planes that hit the towers more than 11 years ago, NBC 4 New York first reported.

Police confirmed Friday that the part was found wedged between two buildings in a very narrow alley between the rear of 50 Murray St. and back of 51 Park Place, the site where a mosque and community center has been proposed three blocks from ground zero.

The part bears a “Boeing” stamp, followed by a series of numbers.

NYPD said the landing gear was found after surveyors hired by the property owner inspecting the rear of 51 Park Place called police on Wednesday.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said officials have secured the location “as it would a crime scene,” and investigators are photographing the scene and restricting access until the medical examiner completes a health and safety evaluation.

Officials said the soil below could also be searched for remains.

This isn’t the first time that New York authorities have recovered debris from the 9/11 attacks, including human remains, in the area immediately around the site where the Twin Towers used to stand. Still, it’s remarkable to find something like this after so much time, and a reminder of what remains a dark day in the national memory.

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  1. Lounsbury says:

    I just saw some of the hysteric press in NYC about this representing some kind of failure of some kind. I’m somewhat agog that finding trivial bits of debris given the circumstances is something that can elicit any kind of hand-wringing at all.

  2. ASK says: