Brett Marston, a political scientist, is apparently Shocked! Shocked! that there is politics going on in Washington:

TOM DELAY HAS NERVE Here’s one of Tom Delay’s complaints about what he calls the “Democrats’ so-called economic proposal”:

The Democrat proposal [b]usts a $30 billion hole in the budget.

I gather that Delay’s complaint is that a $30 billion hole isn’t big enough. Or he’s just unbelievably slimy and is criticizing the Democrats for being budget busters while supporting the President, who is an even bigger budget buster (a fact both Bush and Delay like to omit in their descriptions of the President’s plan).

I suppose both could be true. . .

Yep. Delay’s site explains it:

Republicans are poised to pass a jobs and growth plan this week, as Democrats continue to repackage stale ideas that grow the government, discourage work, and are hostile to working families and small businesses.

Rather clear, yes? Money Democrats spend is bad spending and pork. Money Republicans spend is good spending and creates jobs back in the districts. It is so obvious!

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  1. PoliBlogger says:

    Well, I have to say, I have never heard any Democrats ever say that their spending was good and the Reps was bad.

    Just goes to show how evil Delay is!