Politinerds: A Republican Debate Preview With Hugh Hewitt


Our guest this week on Politinerds was Hugh Hewitt, host of The Hugh Hewitt Show on the Salem Radio Network, Law Professor at Chapman University Law School, former staffer in the Reagan Administration, and, most importantly for our purposes, one of the co-panelists at next week’s Republican Presidential Debate. We talked with Hugh about what he would like to see come out of the debates next week, where he thinks some of the past debates have gone wrong, and what he really thinks about “gotcha” questions. We also talked briefly about the state of the Republican race and the impressions Hewitt has drawn from his interviews of nearly all of the declared Republican candidates.  At the debates, Hugh will be joined by CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash and Jake Tapper, host of CNN’s The Lead who we interviewed several months ago.

You can find links to all past episodes at the show archive. Additionally, the podcast is now available on iTunes.

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  1. C. Clavin says:

    Bash and Tapper must be embarrassed to have to share the panel with a political hack and Dick Cheney sycophant like Hewitt.

  2. Davebo says:

    @C. Clavin:

    I think Bash and Tapper have shown they aren’t capable of embarrassment.

    After all, they agreed to an interview with Politnerds.