Politinerds: Andrew Malcom Returns


This past week’s episode of Politinerds featured our first return guest, Andrew Malcom, currently writing at Investors Business Daily and previously at The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and several other publications over the years. We last had Andrew on nearly two months ago, and even an extended show didn’t give us enough time to get into the areas that Jazz Shaw and I wanted to cover. In this episode, we talk with Andrew about what it’s like to get nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, the Rolling Stone/UVA story and what it says about journalism today, and his time as a New York Times correspondent in Vietnam in the final months before the fall of Saigon (as well as a fascinating side story involving Times’ reporter Sidney Schanberg’s time in Cambodia, which became the basis for the Academy Award winning film The Killing Fields).

The show is embedded below, and you can find links to all past episodes at the show archive.

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  1. Davebo says:

    Because Doug and Jazz try, but they just aren’t batshit crazy enough!

    It’s been about 23 years now since Hillary Clinton as part of her climb to power put down stay-at-home moms in favor of those out in the workplace. A lot of those women are now involuntarily out of the job market because of the policies of the Obama administration Clinton is close to.

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  2. Steve V says:

    Malcolm had a column/blog in the LA Times during the 2008 election. Quite possibly the most hacktackular thing that paper has ever published.