Poll: Obama Better Able To Deal With Alien Attack

According to a new poll commissioned by National Geographic, a majority of Americans (65%) believe Barack Obama would be better equipped to deal with an invasion by extraterrestrials than Mitt Romney.

Funny, I thought they’d pick this guy:

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Graham says:

    Well we know who’s getting Paul Krugman’s vote!

  2. michael reynolds says:

    How about zombies?

  3. Moosebreath says:

    I’m waiting for The Donald to assert that’s because he really is an alien.

  4. DRS says:

    It’s the calmness thing he projects. I can’t imagine Obama in the grip of strong emotion – what does he look like when he’s angry? His eyebrows probably contract and his brow furrows or something, but other than that? He just doesn’t look like someone who freaks out about things.

    Mind you, it can also give the impression that he’s empathy-deficient too. Double-edged sword. But for all my disappointment in the past four years (and my anger over Libya) I still think we made the right choice over McCain.

  5. PogueMahone says:


    We all know that Mitt Romney is one of the aliens. Or at least a vanguard cyborg sent here by the aliens. How else would one explain his personality?

    I, for one, accept our alien overlords.

  6. Ob SNL, Bob Dole debates the ID4 president the next election following the attack in the movie:


  7. mantis says:

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

  8. G.A. says:

    Great!!! We will all be speaking ******* Gungan in no time!!!

  9. Budgie93 says:

    Bravo on linking the Independence Day speech to this asinine poll result, certainly gave me a chuckle today.

  10. sam says:

    How about Stepford Candidates for President?

  11. James H says:

    what does he look like when he’s angry?


  12. al-Ameda says:

    I doubt it. If so, why hasn’t he (Obama) been successful in dealing with the Republican House.