Por que no te callas

Juan Carlos’ words conquer the net

The reporting on the Summit of leaders of the Latin Countries is exceedingly horrible.

Five words – “Why don’t you shut up!” – have catapulted King Juan Carlos, the Spanish monarch, to Internet stardom, and driven Spain’s relations with Latin America to a new low.

ORLY? A new low? I thought that happened during the Bolivarian Revolutions, of which these writers are obviously ignorant. I’m not an expert on them, but at least I know they occurred in the 1820s, unlike the author or this article. Monroe Doctrine anyone?

The unprecedented spectacle of King Juan Carlos losing his temper is a big hit on YouTube this week. “Por qué no te callas!” has also become a popular ring-tone for mobile phones in Spain as well as a rallying cry for Mr Chávez’s opponents in Venezuela.

Wow, folks go against tyranny. But we must backtrack,

For the Spanish government, however, the summit was a disaster. Mr Zapatero, who courted Mr Chávez and other leftwing leaders when he took office in 2004, seemed particularly shaken by the vehemence of the attacks against Spain and its multinationals. “I hope we never, ever repeat these scenes again,” the Spanish premier said as he left Chile.

What does that mean? We must have solidarity with bigots so long as they support us? It looks like the Spanish government is seeing that their supposed allies are a bunch of moon bats — they aren’t just anti-American, they are anti-Spanish to boot. Spain was the colonial power, blame them for current issues.

My serious prediction — this is not a disaster for Spain. The Monarch of Spain said the truth that needed to be said. The ass-wipe of Venezuela (I’ve been in countries he has threatened to invade, so who in the Imperialist?) just got owned, and hopefully adios.

Noblesse Oblige. Juan Carlos understands it.

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