Viking Pundit has a roundup of blogger predictions on the Iowa Caucuses. The Dean-Gephardt-Kerry-Edwards (DGKE) prediction I made yesterday, despite being contrary to the current polls, is by far the most popular of those Eric collected (6 of 12 with that exact ordering). Interesting.

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  1. PoliBlog says:

    I Can’t Wait for the Vote, as it Will Mean the Press Will Stop Guesing
    Thus reports the CSM today: Iowa seems set to scramble rather than winnow the raceBut now, as Iowans prepare to register their choice for the Democratic nominee, it seems increasingly likely that this year’s caucuses may not have the traditional…

  2. blogoSFERICS says:

    Oh, Is That Today?
    The Iowa Caucuses are tonight. I’m still standing behind my predictions here. James Joyner agrees. UP

  3. More Iowa Predictions
    Matt, at Blackfive, has posted some additional predictions for the Iowa. Matt asks if are any other predictions in the blogosphere. There are. First, there is PoliPundit’s, which I mentioned here. A little surfing discovered some additional predictions…