President Bush and the Urban League

California Yankee has extensive coverage of President Bush’s remarks at the Urban League. The president argued rather forcefully that it’s not in the interest of black Americans to be monolithic voters, considering only political party. He’s right, of course, but it’s unlikely to translate into more votes for the GOP anytime soon.

Update (1535): Dodd Harris has some thoughts on the matter, too, and notes that Bush got lots of applause from the audience.

Update (1828): This sequence is rather amusing:

Repeating a line that is part of his stump speech to Republican crowds, Bush declared, “I’m here to ask for your vote.” The line drew weak applause from the Urban League audience.

“I know, I know, I know,” Bush added. “The Republican Party has got a lot of work to do. I understand that,” prompting laughter and louder applause and apparently provoking a vigorous nod of the head from the Rev. Jesse Jackson who was sitting in the crowd.

“You didn’t need to nod your head that hard, Jesse,” Bush said, triggering more laughter.

Source: AP – Bush: GOP Must Work to Appeal to Blacks

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