President Bush’s Second Term Victory Speech

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President Bush basked in victory today, reaching out to the supporters of his defeated rival, Senator John Kerry, and vowing to lead the United States toward new paths of greatness. “I will do all I can do to deserve your trust,” Mr. Bush said at a thunderous celebration in the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, speaking as much to Mr. Kerry’s backers as to his own. “We have one country, one Constitution, and one future binds us.”

Mr. Bush spoke barely an hour after Mr. Kerry delivered his concession speech in Boston. The president praised the challenger for waging a spirited campaign and for the graciousness of his private concession to him, delivered in a late-morning telephone call. “America has spoken,” Mr. Bush said. “I’m humbled by the confidence and trust of my fellow citizens.”

Describing his second term as a wonderful opportunity, Mr. Bush said he was deeply proud “to lead such an amazing country, and proud to lead it forward.” The president reiterated the themes he had articulated throughout the long months of the campaign, and indeed for most of his first term: that America would defeat terrorism, nurture the seeds of democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq and reinvigorate its economy. Mr. Bush, whose roots are in New England as well as Texas, also embraced the Lone Star State, where he was governor before becoming president. He said he loved the values of Texas: “sturdy, honest and as hopeful as the break of day.”

Seeking to erase, at least for the moment, the deep differences between red states and blue states, Mr. Bush said, “When we come together, there is no limit to the greatness of America.”

Transcript of Vice President Dick Cheney’s Speech

Transcript of President Bush’s Speech
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