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I would continue my longstanding tradition of producing long, constantly updated posts on the Virginia and Tennessee primaries except that 1) I’m tired and 2) the results seem to be foregone.

WaPo’s front page: “Kerry Wins Virginia Primary – Exit Polls Show 2-1 Margin Over Edwards” Oddly, the linked story is from Sunday. Talk about your foregone conclusions! They’re holding the Tennessee results until the polls close in a few minutes but–to save you the suspense–Kerry is going to win that one, too. As noted this afternoon: Kerry is the nominee.

Feel free to link to this post anyway!

Update (2054): I missed Steven Taylor’s pre-simulblogging of it earlier. I’ve seen zero television coverage–I actually intended to catch up on my TiVo backlog but got distracted–but it looks about right.

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  1. Moe Lane says:

    You too, huh? I played Alpha Centauri myself (I like to hit the old games from time to time).