PUBLICITY: Yesterday’s caption contest is getting an unusual number of hits, owing to links by VodkaPundit, Joanne Jacobs, and damnum absque injuria. (Update: and Neal Sheeran and Crooow Blog) Thanks to all. I’ll announce a winner after the contest has been open for 24 hours.

Update: OTB also garnered a rather unwarranted mention in The Devil’s Excrement, Salon’s collection of stuff found on weblogs, for my link to Jim Dunnigan’s list of Iraq War Myths. Rather odd since I hat-tipped VodkaPundit for the link and the fact that InstaPundit later posted it as well. Still, nice to know somebody is reading this thing.

Update (10:46): I’ve been added to the blogroll of Quare, On the Third Hand, and Phillip Coons. Thanks!

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