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“Disclosing classified programs that help protect us against terrorism is just dandy. But publishing cartoons that would be ‘perceived as a particularly deliberate insult’ by Muslims is beyond the pale. Coddling tender sensitivities is more important [to the New York Times] than protecting national security.”

Michael Barone, on The New York Times‘ disclosure of the SWIFT program.

(hat tip: Cliff May)

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  1. Mark Jaquith says:

    It’s an unfair comparison. Barone is comparing the NYT’s stated motivation in one case (cartoons) to a consequence (SWIFT) in the other.

    That would be like saying that Bush thinks that fighting terrorists (WOT) is more important than saving drowning American children (Katrina). One is motivation, the other is an unintended consequence.

    I don’t see many NYT SWIFT objectors dealing with the concerns raised by the article… it’s all about the possible consequences.