Two OTB blogrollers are participating in the Great Rat Race, striving to climb the TTLB Ecosystem at all costs. Jay Solo’s Verbosity, which blogrolled OTB long ago but is alas on the accursed blogspot and thus generally unlinkable, wants you to link him and delink his competitor, Right We Are, at least briefly. RWA, while a latecomer to OTB blogrolling, compensates by having their own host and pictures of attractive cartoon women–which they imply is representative of the hotness of the co-bloggers Maripat and Lori.

So, how to be fair to both sides? I will keep track of Technorati’s Link Cosmos to see who links to OTB the most over the next several days and will reciprocate the links to the extent possible. This impartial method seems fair to me.

For those keeping score at home, so far, Jay Solo has linked me three times; the chicks not at all.

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James Joyner
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  1. Jay Solo says:

    Well, it does help that you’re one of my “must read” favorite sites.

  2. Paul says:

    Me thinks Jay would have a better shot if his server COULD BE FOUND!

  3. Jay Solo says:

    When it does that, make sure you hit refresh. And if it starts to come up and then seems to stop, try hitting the stop button after a while. Lots of sites do that sometimes, but Blogsplat sites are most prone to it.

    I was up enough to get 260 hits today; most ever I believe.