“Racist” Finally, Irrevocably Jumps the Shark

Former Black Panther Charles Barron, city councilman from Brooklyn, says only racists would ban vuvuzelas. Which he’d never heard of 30 seconds earlier.

The mind boggles.

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Dodd Harris
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  1. tahDeetz says:

    Too bad Charles doesn’t feel the same way about the U.S..


  2. Dave says:

    This is the hardest hitting, most indispensable, fundamentally pertinent blog post I have yet seen this week, nay, month, nay, year. Absolutely brilliant, Mr. Dodd. Kudos to you! Your critical insight into the state of the world/no-name nobody’s in nowheresville Brooklyn, is a bright beacon of essential truth in these otherwise hazy, cluttered times.

  3. Dodd says:

    You appear to misapprehend the whole idea of “Quick Takes,” sir.

  4. Michael says:

    Quick Takes by other authors on this site are actually relevant and interesting, often on topics and subjects that most of us would know/care about. See recent posts by Dr. Joyner and Mr. Mataconis for examples. Even Dr. Taylor’s recent posts, at a mere one or two sentences a piece, were about the Nevada Senate race and the Gulf oil spill.

  5. Dodd says:

    I’m very sorry you don’t know/care about outrageous invocations of the race card.

    Here’s a thought: If you don’t know/care about the subject, why do you think anyone else cares what you have to say about it?!? Clearly you aren’t my intended audience. I seriously doubt you’d interrupt a guy at a party discussing an issue you don’t know/care about to express your disdain for his topic, but here you are imposing yourself on me through the Internet.

  6. GS says:

    Lolersk8s.Thanks for the vid, Mr. Dodd. Your posts give me something to look forward to ’round these parts.

  7. Dave says:

    If you aspire to be anything more than a somewhat amusing dopey sore thumb ranting at a party, Mr. Dodd, I’d suggest you’d move beyond this “Quick Take” approach to something a bit more substantive. It’s all well and good to draw broad social conclusions from faint sniffs of inessential garbage, but offering up a little more thought and insight would likely help you fit in a bit better at Mr. Joyner’s party.

  8. Franklin says:

    Only racists would ban Quick Takes.

    /am I doing this right?

  9. Michael Reynolds says:

    Still waiting to read a single interesting or intelligent thing by Mr. Dodd.

  10. rabidfox says:

    You know, when I come across a blog that I find uninteresting or unintelligent I just sort of move on. I don’t try to imply that I have some sort of moral obligation to set the blog owner to rights.

  11. Michael says:

    Dodd: At this point, I’m not sure you have an intended audience outside of your own self. Your Quick Takes seem to be nothing but indulgent self-publication.

    rabidfox: Lucky for us, Dodd isn’t the owner of this blog. Perhaps I just need an RSS reader that displays author.

  12. Ferd says:

    So is this guy from South Africa? He keeps talking about “our country”. Was he born there? He doesn’t sound South African either. I’m not sure how he has any legitimate claim on South African-ness. He must be running for the Governor of South Africa’s Brooklyn contingent.

    Next, I bet if he had been told that whites had been blowing vuvuzelas, and blacks wanted them stopped that he would have called the vuvuzela players racist. Race baiting scum.

  13. Dodd says:

    Jesus I am tired of trolls who feel compelled to call anyone who posts something they don’t like names. From this point on, any such comments will be summarily ignored. If you find my posts so objectionable, do us both a favour and treat me likewise.

  14. pete says:

    Proof of the claim by Charles Barron that any attempt to restrict the playing of the vuvuzelas must be considered RACIST!! ™ can be found in the fact that the Chinese would not have developed the technology to convert crude oil into long chain polymers enabling the Chinese to construct plastic trumpets unless said Chinese had Stolen, Yes I Say Stolen the Ancient process of trumpet construction from the Long Suffering Ingenious Persons of South Africa. Furthermore, said Chinese should be compelled to submit to the Long Suffering Ingenious Persons of South Africa payment of Royalties for each and every plastic trumpet constructed by the said Chinese!

  15. Bohemond says:

    WTF is a Black Panther in elected office and not in prison, or at least debarred from any office of trust?

  16. Dave Reynolds Michael says:

    God it pisses me off to no end when somebody dares to post something on a blog that wasn’t copied from Kos, ThinkProgress, or one of the other Soros network of reputable sites.

    Having to read a different point of makes me so angry!

    I hope this blog gets rid of you soon!!!!

  17. el says:

    I absolutely agree on this one, racist or no, let them blow. It’s their country, their tradition, if you don’t like it, tough. Some people don’t like western music, if they told you to stop playing your music in your own country, what would you say?

  18. This post is a paradigmatic example of how, in the words of a twitterer, the “racist” accusation has finally jumped the shark.

    I noticed my daughter’s schoolmates (at a C[r]ook County, Illinois public school where I may have been the only non-liberal parent, mind you) using “that’s so racist” as a generic term of dislike — in one breath with “that’s so ghey”.

    I use “racialist” or “racial supremacist” when referring to the REAL genetic bigots.

  19. Chris says:

    The term ‘racist’ is a stupid one at best as it suggests that there are other races when in fact there is no other race than the human race. Would we refer to the British as another race or the Aussies as another race? Not at all. To be of a different colour you have more or less melanin (the colour pigment). To be asian you will have more fat in the eyelids, that’s all. The term racist is one used by cretins that have no actual answer to ones arguments so they shut you down by crying foul and playing the man and not the ball, one of the signs of an intellectual pygmy.
    We have the same problem here in Australia. When a group within a certain ethnic background cause trouble and it’s always the same group you’re not allowed to refer to their cultural origins. The police issue warnings but never descriptions so asking the public to notify the cops about the crims whereabouts is totally useless. And if you say the trouble makers are such-and-such opens you to accusations of racism. Apparently only whites can be racist