Bob Novak reports that a Fall recall of California governor Gray Davis “is beginning to look like a runaway train with nobody at the controls.”

The politics of this are amusing. The Republicans are leading the push for the recall but the Bush team would much rather have a wildly unpopular Democrat in office for the 2004 campaign. On the other hand, the most popular Democrats can’t run since they have to maintain a posture of outrage just in case Davis survives.

As I’ve noted here and here, I find the whole process troubling. It’s one thing to remove a politician who has committed a crime or is otherwise involved in a major scandal; it’s quite another to simply decide you don’t like the guy who won the election.

James Joyner
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  1. Jack says:

    I do believe that there were a number of allegations regarding either Grayout himself or his campaign. I don’t remember who was keeping track of them, but I am sure either the CA correspondent over at Political State Report or Bill Quick could point you in the right direction.