Fox (via GoogleNews) is reporting an interesting twist in the Gray Davis recall effort:

If California voters decide to recall Gov. Gray Davis, most expect that they would also get the opportunity to decide who will replace him, but that may not be the case.

According to the state Constitution, once the recall qualifies, the lieutenant governor calls for a replacement election, and “if appropriate,” a vote to elect a successor. Some say that gives Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante wiggle room to decide that if Davis is ousted, a replacement vote is not appropriate and he could keep the job for himself.

“Why should it be any different if the governor is recalled than if the governor were to become president or were to become ill or for some other reason couldn’t serve?” said political consultant Susan Estrich.

Recall organizers say such a move would be a serious abuse of power, and clearly violates the will of more than 1.6 million Californians who have signed the recall petition.

Ya think?

James Joyner
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