Remembering Mary Jo Kopechne

Steve the Llamabutcher reminds us that yesterday would have been Mary Jo Kopechne’s 65th birthday, had Diamond Joe Quimby Senator Ted Kennedy not put his political ambitions over his duty as a human being.

Am I the only one who takes offense at the fact that Senator Kennedy currently walks his dog “Splash” around the Capitol building?

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  1. Jack Ehrlich says:

    The statute of limitations never runs out on homicide. Kennedy was drunk when he was driving. The is vehicular homicide. Why was the Senator never prosecuted for the crime? Were the Kopechne’s paid off? Why are the people of Massachusetts represented by a man, who, if he had done what he did today, be in prison?

  2. scrapiron says:

    Ann Coulter burned the idiot Alan Colmes on FOX news tonight on the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne. The were discussing what was a good or bad Catholic in relation to the Appointment of a Catholic to SCOTUS. She told him that drowning a girl should get Kennedy right in, her statement was based on some idiotic remark by Colmes. You need to go look at the Hannity & Colmes site for tonight to get the full impact.
    I just spent half the night dragging the local lake for a drowning victim. We found the body in a few minutes, but since the water temp was so high he had no chance. Could have been different in the Kennedy case if he had notified authorities a little quicker since she had trapped air to breathe for god only knows how long. To Me that makes him no less than a murderer, plain and simple. I guess the Kennedy fortune was able to buy off the family. Them $$$ signs will effect a lot of people’s love for family.

  3. LJD says:

    …with such a big mouth.

  4. wavemaker says:

    Jack, for the answers to all of your questions, you should try to locate a copy of Teddy Bare, a justifiably harsh look at EMK. Unfortunately, the book is out of print and isn’t the type of tome you’re liable to find in the town library. I do happen to have a copy of it in my home library, so if you are a particularly ravenous Kennedy-hater, I might loan it to you :-).

  5. yetanotherjohn says:

    So there. The democrats do to have a plan for dealing with the social security shortfall. The will just have Kennedy give selected females a ride.

  6. Roger says:

    Many years ago, during one of Teddy’s presidential campaigns, I saw this scrawled on a bathroom wall at the University of Illinois: “Ted Kennedy will help bridge our thoughts.”

  7. Rod Stanton says:

    Teddy has always been a self centered poor little billionaire. Even before he killed Mary Jo and even more so the last 15 years.

  8. Ben Gustofik says:

    Justice for Mary JOE. In thoese days black men in the south where killed every day and no one was covicted. God and Kenndys can kill and are re-elected because we are not smart enough to run our own lives with out our god Kenndy telling us what we need to do everyday. Mary Joe is a nothing compaired to his Hollyness Kenndy. Kiss his big fat ring.The people of the State of Mass. are right where they deserve to be.